port_http_server / com.hexagonkt.http.server / Call


class Call

HTTP request context. It holds client supplied data and methods to change the response.

TODO Move Request, Response and Session abstract methods here and pass the call to them


Name Summary
<init> HTTP request context. It holds client supplied data and methods to change the response.Call(request:Request, response:Response, session:Session)


Name Summary
attributes Call attributes (for the current request). Same as HttpServletRequest.setAttribute().val attributes:MutableMap<String,Any>
formParameters val formParameters:Map<String,String>
formParametersValues val formParametersValues:Map<String,List<String>>
pathParameters val pathParameters:Map<String,String>
queryParameters val queryParameters:Map<String,String>
queryParametersValues val queryParametersValues:Map<String,List<String>>
request val request:Request
requestFormat val requestFormat: SerializationFormat
requestType val requestType:String
response val response:Response
responseFormat val responseFormat: SerializationFormat
responseType val responseType:String
session val session:Session


Name Summary
halt fun halt(content:Any):Nothing
fun halt(code:Int= 500, content:Any= ""):Nothing
ok fun ok(content:Any= "", contentType:String? = null):Unit
fun ok(content:Any, serializationFormat: SerializationFormat = responseFormat, charset:Charset? = null):Unit
redirect fun redirect(url:String):Unit
send fun send(code:Int, content:Any= "", contentType:String? = null):Unit
fun send(code:Int, content:Any, serializationFormat: SerializationFormat, charset:Charset?):Unit
fun send(code:Int, content:Any, contentType: ContentType):Unit