Package com.hexagonkt.http

HTTP code shared between clients and servers and independent of third party libraries.


Name Summary
Method enum class Method
Enum for the supported HTTP methods.
Path data class Path
A path definition. It parses path patterns and extract values for parameters.
Route data class Route

Extensions for External Classes

Name Summary


Name Summary
ALL val ALL:LinkedHashSet<Method>
Set containing all HTTP methods.


Name Summary
any fun any(path:String= "/"):Route
Shortcut to create a route for a filter (with all methods).
delete fun delete(path:String= "/"):Route
Shortcut to create a DELETE route.
get fun get(path:String= "/"):Route
Shortcut to create a GET route.
head fun head(path:String= "/"):Route
Shortcut to create a HEAD route.
httpDate fun httpDate(date: LocalDateTime = LocalDateTime.now()):String
options fun options(path:String= "/"):Route
Shortcut to create a OPTIONS route.
parseQueryParameters fun parseQueryParameters(query:String):Map<String,List<String>>
patch fun patch(path:String= "/"):Route
Shortcut to create a PATCH route.
post fun post(path:String= "/"):Route
Shortcut to create a POST route.
put fun put(path:String= "/"):Route
Shortcut to create a PUT route.
tracer fun tracer(path:String= "/"):Route
Shortcut to create a TRACE route.