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hexagon_core / com.hexagonkt.helpers / kotlin.String

Extensions for kotlin.String

Name Summary
banner Format the string as a banner with a delimiter above and below text. The character used to render the delimiter is defined.funString.banner(bannerDelimiter:String= "*"):String
camelToSnake Transform the target string from camel case to snake case.funString.camelToSnake():String
exec TODO Add use case and example in documentation. TODO Support multiple words parameters by processing " and 'funString.exec(workingDirectory:File= File(System.getProperty("user.dir")), timeout:Long= Long.MAX_VALUE, fail:Boolean= false):String
filter TODO.funString.filter(prefix:String, suffix:String, vararg parameters:Pair<String,String>):String
filterVars Filter the target string substituting each key by its value. The keys format is: #{key} and all occurrences are replaced by the supplied value.funString.filterVars(parameters:Map<*, *>):String
TODO.funString.filterVars(vararg parameters:Pair<*, *>):String
globToRegex TODO.funString.globToRegex():Regex
prependIndent TODO.funString.prependIndent(count:Int= 4, pad:String= " "):String
snakeToCamel Transform the target string from snake case to camel case.funString.snakeToCamel():String
stripAccents TODO.funString.stripAccents():String
toStream TODO.funString.toStream():InputStream