• Services: explains how to create, build, test, package and run your services.
  • Building: build script tools (only Gradle now).


  • [Injection]
  • Serialization: details how to serialize/deserialize object instances using different formats.
  • Configuration: how to load service’s configuration from different sources and data formats.


  • Scheduling: explains how to execute tasks periodically using Cron expressions.
  • Testing: explains how to the test Hexagon’s services.
  • REST: utilities to build REST services over HTTP servers.


  • HTTP: describes how to use HTTP routing and HTML templates for Web services.
  • Client: documentation to use the HTTP client module to connect to other services.
  • Storage: gives an overview of how to store data using different data stores.
  • Messaging: how to support asynchronous communication with messages through message brokers.
  • Templates: describes how to render pages using template engines like Pebble or kotlinx.html.