Package-level declarations

Parse/serialize data in different formats to class instances.


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interface Data<T> : Map<String, Any?>
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fun File.parse(): Any
fun URL.parse(): Any
fun Path.parse(): Any
fun InputStream.parse(mediaType: MediaType): Any
fun InputStream.parse(format: SerializationFormat = requireDefaultFormat()): Any
fun String.parse(mediaType: MediaType): Any
fun String.parse(format: SerializationFormat = requireDefaultFormat()): Any
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fun File.parseList(): List<*>
fun URL.parseList(): List<*>
fun Path.parseList(): List<*>
fun InputStream.parseList(mediaType: MediaType): List<*>
fun InputStream.parseList(format: SerializationFormat = requireDefaultFormat()): List<*>
fun String.parseList(mediaType: MediaType): List<*>
fun String.parseList(format: SerializationFormat = requireDefaultFormat()): List<*>
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fun File.parseMap(): Map<String, *>
fun URL.parseMap(): Map<String, *>
fun Path.parseMap(): Map<String, *>
fun InputStream.parseMap(mediaType: MediaType): Map<String, *>
fun InputStream.parseMap(format: SerializationFormat = requireDefaultFormat()): Map<String, *>
fun String.parseMap(mediaType: MediaType): Map<String, *>
fun String.parseMap(format: SerializationFormat = requireDefaultFormat()): Map<String, *>
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fun Any.serialize(mediaType: MediaType): String
fun Any.serialize(format: SerializationFormat = requireDefaultFormat()): String
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fun Any.serializeBytes(mediaType: MediaType): ByteArray
fun Any.serializeBytes(format: SerializationFormat = requireDefaultFormat()): ByteArray
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fun <T> Any.toData(data: () -> Data<T>): List<T>
fun <T> List<*>.toData(data: () -> Data<T>): List<T>
fun <T> Map<String, *>.toData(data: () -> Data<T>): T