Package-level declarations

Utility callbacks that can be used on handlers. Reuse a callback in different handlers (after, filter, etc.).


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class CorsCallback(allowedOrigin: Regex, allowedMethods: Set<HttpMethod> = ALL, allowedHeaders: Set<String> = emptySet(), exposedHeaders: Set<String> = emptySet(), supportCredentials: Boolean = true, preFlightStatus: HttpStatus = NO_CONTENT_204, preFlightMaxAge: Long = 0) : Function1<HttpServerContext, HttpServerContext>

HTTP CORS callback. It holds info for CORS.

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class DateCallback(name: String = "date") : Function1<HttpServerContext, HttpServerContext>

Callback that adds the date header to the response (caching its value).

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class FileCallback(file: File) : Function1<HttpServerContext, HttpServerContext>

Callback that resolves requests' path parameters to files based on a base file. Requests path parameters are not allowed to contain .. (references to file parent directories are not permitted).

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class LoggingCallback(level: LoggingLevel = LoggingLevel.INFO, logger: Logger = Logger(LoggingCallback::class), includeHeaders: Boolean = false, includeBody: Boolean = true) : Function1<HttpServerContext, HttpServerContext>

Callback that logs server requests and responses.

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class UrlCallback(url: URL) : Function1<HttpServerContext, HttpServerContext>