This port provides a common interface for using HTTP clients. Many adapters can be developed to use different technologies.

Its main functionalities are:

  • HTTP, HTTPS and HTTP/2 support

  • Mutual TLS

  • Body encoding/decoding

  • Request/response exchange

  • Form submissions

  • Cookie management

  • File uploading/downloading

Install the Dependency

This module is not meant to be used directly. You should include an Adapter implementing this feature (as /http_client_jetty) in order to create HTTP clients.

Create an HTTP client

You create an HTTP Client instance with default options as follows:


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This package holds the classes that define the HTTP client and its configuration settings.

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Classes to model client HTTP messages (requests and responses). Built on top of the http module.

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Model classes for client Web Sockets. Built on top of the /http module.