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The atoms of your platform

Hexagon is a microservices library written in Kotlin. Its purpose is to ease the building of services (Web applications, APIs or queue consumers) that run inside a cloud platform

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Hello World

Simple Hello World HTTP example.

          package com.hexagonkt.http

import com.hexagonkt.http.server.Server
import com.hexagonkt.http.server.jetty.JettyServletAdapter

val server = Server(JettyServletAdapter()) {
    get("/hello") {
        ok("Hello World!")

fun main() {


Hexagon's high-level features.


How Hexagon fits in your architecture in a picture.

Hexagon architecture diagram


Ports with their provided implementations (Adapters).

Port Adapters
HTTP Server Jetty, Servlet
Templates Pebble
Serialization Formats JSON, YAML
Settings Environment, Files, Resources, URLs